Dealing with Sensitive Teeth after Your Whitening Treatment

brunette woman with white teethKenilworth Dental Associates can provide you with the smile you have always wanted. If you need to get rid of tooth stains or are looking for a whiter smile in general, our qualified dentists can provide a safe, effective whitening treatment for you. While it is a safe treatment, some people experience temporary sensitivity in their teeth following treatment. Here is a quick guide to help you deal with the sensitivity:

Change Your Brushing Techniques – You may think using harder bristles and brushing more aggressively will clean your teeth more thoroughly, but you are actually damaging your teeth. Use a soft-bristled brush and lukewarm water to avoid sensitivity. Use gentle, circular motions for a thorough, but soft cleaning.

Avoid Certain Foods & Beverages – Foods that are too hot or too cold are the bane of people with sensitive teeth. It is best to avoid both extremes for at least two days after you whiten to avoid pain.

Change Your Toothpaste – Have your dentist in Chicago recommend a sensitivity toothpaste for you to use following treatment. This type of toothpaste protects your teeth from further enamel erosion and can be used to treat sensitive teeth.

Desensitizing Treatment – To help you manage sensitivity, your dentist may apply a desensitizing varnish following your whitening treatment.

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