Snoring Treatment from Our Dentist in Chicago

Did you know?

60% of men and 40% of women snore!

Why does it happen?

When you are sleeping, the throat muscles relax. The jaw and the tongue move backward, narrowing the upper airway. The airflow is thus reduced and hindered. This creates vibrations in the soft
structures of the mouth, causing snoring.

Loud snoring can wake the husband or wife of the snorer and disturb his/her sleep. Generally, the spouse will adjust his/her bedtime schedule or sleep in a different room. Snoring can change your mood, affect your relationships and lower your quality of life. Actually, 15% of men and 52% of women are affected by his/her spouse’s snoring.

What are the treatments?

During a consult with our holistic dentist in Chicago, she will go over options for alleviating your suffering from snoring. One such option includes a snoreguard device. When the device is worn during sleep, it pulls the lower jaw forward. This advancement clears the back of the tongue, which helps to open the upper airway. Opening the airway facilitates the passage of air.

Make an appointment with our dentist in Chicago to learn about your options for your snoring problem.

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