Dental Hygiene for Infants

smiling baby with two teethYou may think that your newborn does not need dental care. After all, they don’t even have teeth yet! The truth is that oral hygiene begins shortly after your little one is born. Every time you feed your child, take a clean, warm washcloth and gently clean the inside of their mouth. This can prevent your baby from developing thrush, or a yeast infection of the mouth.

Signs of Thrush in Infants

Thrush is a treatable fungal infection and develops in the mouth where there is torn tissue. This infection could be caused by pacifiers, bottles, or even breastfeeding. Here are some signs that your baby has developed thrush:

  • White patches on the tongue, cheek, and gums
  • Irregular white spots that cannot be wiped away
  • Pain during feeding or when using a pacifier

Your doctor or dentist can provide medication to clear up the infection.


Teething begins anywhere from 3-7 months of age and can cause excessive drooling, irritability, gumming/biting, a rash around the mouth, excessive crying, appetite loss, fever, and changes in bowel movements. You can relieve the pain of teeth by massaging the gums with a cool, clean washcloth. You can also provide them with a cool teething ring or biscuit, but only with supervision.

The First Dental Visit

You should bring your child to visit our holistic dentist in Chicago just after the child turns three. We will examine your child’s teeth and get them on the road towards good oral hygiene.