The CEREC Treatment for Cavities and More

smiling woman in dental officeIf you are an average adult, you probably have a filling or two. These fillings are meant to plug up the hole left by the excavation of decayed tooth structure. The problem with these fillings is that many of them, especially metal fillings, can go bad, weaken the remaining tooth, or fall victim to further decay underneath or around the filling.

Our dentists utilize the CEREC treatment for these cases.

How Cerec is Used

CEREC is a treatment method for decayed, weakened, or broken teeth. It is used to restore teeth to their natural strength and beauty. The all ceramic materials used in this treatment match the natural color of the teeth and can be done in a single appointment. This treatment can be used in many different ways:

  • Inlay Restoration – Patients with amalgam fillings often experience breakdowns of the material and damage to the tooth structure. CEREC stabilizes the integrity of the tooth and restores the appearance.
  • Onlay Restoration – Silver crowns need to be replaced over time due to recurrent decay. CEREC onlays are placed on the tooth to restore the natural look and prevent future decay.
  • Crowns – When you lose fillings, this usually results in the need for a replacement crown, which can take up to three appointments to fill in. CEREC can be placed in one appointment and helps preserve tooth structure while maintaining the natural appearance of your smile.
  • Veneers – CEREC can also be used to create strong, durable veneers that are custom-design to provide an exact match for each tooth.

Benefits of Cerec

CEREC materials can be applied in a single visit, look and feel like your real teeth, and are a permanent solution. Your dentist in Chicago can use CEREC to restore the structural integrity of your teeth. Contact Kenilworth Dental Associates today to learn more.