The Effects of Poor-Fitting Dentures

woman pointing to denturesDentures can be a great option for people who are missing many of their teeth, or who have severely decayed teeth. What you may not know is that the fit of your dentures will change over time. When you are missing teeth, the shape of your jaw can also change, leaving you with poor-fitting dentures. Here are some of the ways that poorly-fitted dentures can affect you:

Sore Spots – When your jaw shrinks, it will cause your dentures to line up improperly. This can put pressure or cause friction in certain parts of your mouth, leading to sore spots. If your dentures are not relined to adjust the fit, the sore spots will only get worse.

Stomach Problems – If your dentures do not fit properly, it becomes difficult to chew your food. Improperly chewed food can create stomach problems.

Changes to Facial Features – Your teeth affect the shape of your face, so ill-fitting dentures can also negatively impact the way your face looks. Ensuring that you always have properly-fitted dentures will keep you looking great.

The Importance of Oral Exams for Denture-wearers – As we mentioned earlier, your jawbone can shrink when you are missing teeth, which can disrupt the fit of your dentures. Dentures are not a “fit it and forget it” dental solution. You will still need to have your annual exams to ensure that your dentures fit properly and are not causing sore spots and other issues for your mouth.

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